Humanity has become fascinated by the discovery of a rare and promising ore: genium, an alternative to fossil fuels.

To deliver its full potential, this mineral must be fed by cognitive energy, your knowledge. This resource, capable of generating almost infinite energy, is a source of greed and conflict. Be the first, among thousands, to use your knowledge to increase the power of your city. Extract as much genium as you can and develop a strategy to extend your conquests.


In this race against time, you must create alliances, train experts and develop your strategy so you can be the first to build the oracle; proof of your cognitive supremacy.

The most powerful oracle, powered by the knowledge acquired by you and your alliance, will allow you to rule the world.

Be careful, there are many in this quest for knowledge. Prepare to defend what’s yours and attack your enemies to steal their fragments; the ones that you’re missing. Brain Storm, a massively multiplayer online strategy game, offers you the world through a fabulous quest. The future of culture and human knowledge depends on you and your allies.


The experts will assist you in your quest by analyzing the knowledge fragments you discover. Their skills vary, so choose them well to maximize the impact of your missions and to profit from your time and energy.


One of the objectives of Brain Storm is to allow you to improve your knowledge of the world: the more you explore, the more likely you are to find all the knowledge necessary for construction of the oracle.

Gradually, you will gain access to vehicles with different capacities and speeds, from an off-road vehicle to an aircraft and all the way up to a space shuttle. Each will play a key role in your exploration missions. Choose well!


The buildings, and the people who live there, are an essential part of the city. By developing them, you will gain knowledge fragments, genium, experts, vehicles, extractors and more.


Extractors allow you to have access to genium, a fundamental resource. Each discovered vein can be exploited by different extractors with various power levels, costs and extraction speeds.


Building the most powerful oracle is your ultimate goal. This gigantic reactor uses the knowledge and genium that you and your alliance have accumulated to produce incredible amounts of energy. Your victory depends on this structure.


Fascinating and sometimes unusual, fragments cover the notions of history, culture and human civilization, as well as the facts, ideas and concepts that make up our world. Gather all the knowledge fragments to increase your energy production by vast amounts.

The fragments are out there waiting for you to discover them.